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Konnarock Crew 2003


Howard & Elton


Ken & John

Greg, Claudia & Bobby



 Mike & Dave        


Fran, Peggy & Jim



Three Ridges/Mau Har Backpacking


Greg, Randy, Jim


Michi & Russ





Leaves and Lichen


Light Trail Maintenance


AT View



Jane taking a break

Tom and Eden cooling off                       


Tom, Raffi, Jane & Eden at Trayfoot

 Mount Vernon Walkers 

  front row: Faye, Lynn, Ross, Catherine

  back row: Sally, Bill

Front Row:  Ross, Dosha, Mary
Back Row:  Fran, John, Genie

Looking across the James toward 
Hollywood Cemetery
Surveying Hollywood Rapids    
L to R:  Sharon, Genie, Jim, Lee, Brigitte, Jan in pursuit of Snow Geese on Hog Island Pond on Hog Island Woods Trail

Crew Chiefs Fran & Deno




Ken & John

Chris & Dave


Mike, Brian & Ed







Becky, Elton, Fran, Luanne


Jim, Lisa



Ed, Bob, Dave


Eric, Karen, Dave



Michi and Jim



Greg and Karen




Hike Leader Jim


Planning for 2003 Relocation

Fran, Dave W, Dave B, & Teresa checking out Laurel Spring near Wintergreen

Dave, Teresa, Fran, Dave & Randy looking at views from Cedar Cliffs

Roger, Dave, & Fran checking map


Trip to St. Mary's

Lunch on the trail

Mike and Cathleen

Above:  Coleen Enjoying the Waterfall, Right:  Greg crossing the trail



Konnerock Memories

Mac & Theresa tailgating Peggy & Fran Mike

Above:  Jim & Jan, Above Right:  Susan, Andrew & Fran



Theresa & Elton at work on the trail

Roger & Jim cooking for the crew




Randy recognizing Fran as ODATC's ATC Volunteer Honor Roll Representative

Roger building new shelter steps